23 April

A multicultural cast composes the scene for the creation of Bruce La Bruce’s latest controversial post gay zombie movie. I am Maria Cyber and I am in charge of the internet blog of the official movie site. I’m there at the shooting, I take my pictures and then I come back to the office and enrich Otto The Blog with juicy info. Today is the first day of shooting. It is indeed a joyous occasion as I find out that everyone is here in Berlin because we are the hardcore fans of Bruce LaBruce and it is an honour for us to work with him. There was a sense of unity, of patience and compassion. An overflow of positive energy surrounded us as we were gathered here from around the world by Jurgen Bruning with an ethical, political, cultural respect towards the amazing duo of Bruce La Bruce and his producer, Jurgen Bruning. Two people who have contributed far more to the political arena of our time than most activist groups. You will not see on this internet blog a full analysis of the script, even though I have read it, through this blog I will guide through the movie shooting, you will meet the people behind and infront of the cameras, the actors, the crew, the productions. Here you will find about all the funny moments but also the moaning and the fatigue that comes with a movie production and the wonderful results at the very end, I will show you all these with no objectivity as you will see this through my eyes. (Also Check out http://www.myspace.com/Brucelabruce)

Monday 23 April: Today and we are all up by 8.00 and already enjoying a breakfast of champions at the Production Offices of Jurgen Bruning at Hauptstr.26, Str. An incredibly spacious floor with studio, kitchen( where many excellent chefs work), offices and a plethora of people coming and going....(clik to continue)

Otto by Jey Crisfar: He is cute, he is more than cute, he is a divine zombie. He is so young, the other day had his 19th birthday. I don’t know yet much about him but soon I will find out and I will let you know everything you would like to know about this little miracle that Bruce La Bruce discovered. He is from Belgium and I simply suggest you to have a look at his pictures here.

Hella Bent by Susanne Sachsse: First my eyes met her at the Bruce La Bruce film, The Rasbery Reich. She has born to be an actress but not a usual successful actress. She could be a generator of new school acting in cinema. She is special, she is unique, she has such an expressional force in her face and she can turn every single word in the scenario to a picture, to an emotion. When Susanne Sachsse plays in a movie, the movies has automatically an advantage, her!

Hella Bent & Medea by Susanne Sachsse & Katharina Klewinghaus: Lesbian scenes I call them and I hadn't realized it would be soooo hot! Two divas, in excellent stylish clothes by Ricky Owens, in locations that for my pervert tastes seem so hot, are in love in a way that only Bruce LaBruce correctly and anatreptically present always in his films. Check out the photos, more are coming soon.

Medea & Adolf by Katharina Klewinghaus and Guido Sommer : Medea, if your imagination brings you something of the Greek Medea add a picture of a dark enchantress mistress that you would like to rule you and then you are close to her profile in the movie. Adolfo her brother in the film he really got big time of my attention. Although I am a lesbian and I am not into men, I said to myself "what a handsome guy" and he is extremely talented too.

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